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First Time? Read this: The KinkWire 411

Welcome to the KinkWire, the Stockroom’s free, fun, informative community forum. Please make yourself at home. We encourage you to converse, connect, communicate, and question the heck out of our All-Star Celebrity Moderators! Here are the 3 Golden Rules of Kinkwire, which will help you to get you started on the right foot: 1. Take a Good Look Around: Before starting a thread about a topic, please review all of the existing categories, sub-categories and all current threads. Kinky though we be, we'd like to avoid the unneccessary beating of dead horses. We have an excellent search function which will help you find specific keywords already being discussed. By doing a little bit of looking before posting, we can help our discussions to be more focused and robust. 2. Think, think some more, and then post: If you would like our celebrity moderators and the other members of the forum to put time, thought, and effort into responding to your questions, please put some time, thought, and effort into phrasing your questions. A spell check wouldn’t hurt, either. ;-) In order to preserve the presence of worthwhile, meaningful threads, the posting of gibberish, thoughtless one-line threads, or threads not related to the category topic will result in locking of the thread, deletion, or banning. A worthwhile thread that just happens to be posted in the wrong category, however, will be honored, and tenderly moved to its rightful location. 3. No Spam, please: Do not, do not, do not spam this site. Seriously. You will be instantly banned from the forum. If you try it again, we will ban your IP address. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to spam, advertising messages, racism, copyright porn, and any illegal or problematic posts. If you would like to reference something in a link and have even the slightest concern that it may be interpreted as spam, please ask a moderator before posting. We are committed to preserving the integrity of this forum as a valuable resource and honorable community. We encourage you to be vigilant as well and protect this, our dear Kinkwire haven. If you see spamming going on, report it to a moderator. We will attack with lightning speed. If we all observe these 3 Golden Rules, the Stockroom KinkWire Forum will be a wonderful place to enjoy, to share, and to learn.